A new Quinnipiac Univ. poll finds President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden tied, 47%-47%. Trump led, 50%-45%, in the university’s September poll.

Trump leads among men, 53%-39%, while Biden leads among women, 54%-42%. Trump leads among all Anglo voters, 61%-33%, but his margin is twice as large among men (+40) than women (+20). Biden leads among Black voters, 86%-8%, and Hispanic/Latino voters, 51%-43%. Biden leads among independents, 50%-39%.

Trump leads, 54%-39%, among voters aged 50 to 64 but just 50%-44% among voters aged 65 and older. Biden leads, 58%-37%, among voters under 35, and they are essentially tied, 49%-48%, among voters aged 35 to 49.

Importantly for interpreting Election Night results, voters casting mail-in ballots favor Biden, 63%-31%, and he is essentially tied among in-person early voters, 48%-46%.

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