Joe Biden has twice the support as any other Democratic candidate in Texas but would still narrowly lose the state to President Trump, according to a new Dallas Morning News/Univ. of Texas-Tyler poll. Biden is the first choice of 38% of respondents “who identify as Democrat,” followed by Bernie Sanders (19%), Elizabeth Warren (17%) and Michael Bloomberg (13%). No other candidate’s support reaches 5%. In November, UT-Tyler found Biden’s lead over Sanders was 9 points, 28%-19%, among Democrats.

Trump narrowly bests Biden, 44%-42%, and Bloomberg, 45%-42%, though both results are within the poll’s stated margin of error of ±2.87%. Independents break almost evenly between Biden (36%) and Trump (34%) with 30% saying “neither” or “other.” Bloomberg does slightly better among independents (39%-34%) but worse among Democrats. Trump leads Sanders, 45%-39%, and Warren, 46%-37%. Respondents were almost evenly split on Trump’s job performance with 45% approving and 47% disapproving, a slight improvement from the 43/49

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R) has a 38/30 approval rating, including a 63/9 rating among Republicans.

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