President Trump polls at or just over 50% and leads four prospective Democratic challengers by 3-8 percentage points according to Texas Lyceum’s 2020 statewide survey (PDF), but is within the margin of error of Bernie Sanders, who polls strongest among the four Democrats at 47%. Joe Biden is next at 46% followed by Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg at 43% each.

Trump’s net approval rating is 47/52, which suggests a small but significant number of Texans disapprove of his performance but prefer him to any Democrat. Nearly three out of five respondents said the country is “on the wrong track.” Respondents were more approving of the direction of Texas, evidenced by Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) 63/34 and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s (R) 55/39 approval ratings.

Biden (28%), Sanders (26%), Warren (13%), Michael Bloomberg (9%) and Buttigieg (6%) lead the Democratic presidential primary field with only one other candidate polling above 2%.

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