President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden are within the margin of error in a new Quinnipiac Univ. poll. Trump leads Bide, 44%-43%, with 7% saying they did not know who they would vote for and 3% volunteering they would vote for someone else.

Partisans support their candidate: Trump received the support of 87% of Republicans while Biden received 90% of Democrats’ support. Biden leads among “independent” voters, 45%-36%. Trump leads among men, 49%-37%, while Biden leads among women by a nearly equal 50%-38% split.

Trump leads among Anglos, 59%-31%, but there is a significant gap in support between those without 4-year undergraduate degrees, who favor Trump, 66%-23%, and Anglos with a 4-year degree, who are evenly split, 46%-45%, with Biden the one up by a point. Biden leads among African-Americans, 76%-11%, and Hispanics/Latinos, 53%-32%.

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