President Trump leads presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 49%-44%, among registered voters, according to a new Univ. of Texas/Texas Tribune poll (PDF). Trump led Biden in a hypothetical matchup by 7 points in the November 2019 UT/TT poll and by 4 points in the February poll. Trump received 52% of the vote in Texas in 2016, defeating Hillary Clinton by 9 points.

Female voters were split evenly, 46%-46%, while male voters favored Trump, 53%-41%. Trump led among Anglo voters, 60%-34%, and Biden led among African-American voters, 74%-16%, and Hispanic/Latino voters, 50%-40%. “Independent” voters favor Trump, 39%-29%, but nearly a third are undecided.

As has been the case in recent UT/TT polls, Trump fares worse against a generic candidate than an actual one. Asked whether they would vote today to re-elect the president, 50% said they would vote for him (42% “definitely”) and 49% said they would vote “for someone else” (42% definitely). The percent “definitely” voting for Trump is the highest since February 2019, and the percent “definitely” voting for someone else is the lowest since then. More than three out of five “independent” voters would vote for someone else, but less than half of them said they would vote for Biden.

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