Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, in a survey produced for Progress Texas, once again finds the presidential race in Texas to be within the margin of error. It’s June Texas Survey (PDF) shows President Trump leading presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 48%-46%. Two weeks ago, the polling firm found the race tied, 48%-48%. Its April poll found Biden ahead by a point, 47%-46%.

Trump’s approval rating overall is 48/46. It is 39/50 among independents, who favor Biden, 51%-39%. Trump’s job performance is viewed quite favorably by Anglos (67/30), but other ethnic groups are significantly more disapproving. Just 8% of African-American voters approve of his job performance (79% disapprove) and 30% of Hispanics/Latinos approve (64% disapprove).

Men (53/41) tend to view Trump more favorably than women (45/51), and a similar gap exists in presidential vote choice. Trump leads among men, 54%-41%, while Biden leads among women, 51%-42%.

Voters under 35 are most disapproving of Trump (34/64) than any other age group.

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