A new survey from Public Policy Polling, a firm mostly aligned with Democrats, found President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden tied, 48%-48%, with just 4% unsure five months before the general election. Independents favored Trump, 52%-42%. Interestingly, Biden was stronger among Democrats (88%-8%) than Trump was among Republicans (83%-14%).

An April poll from the firm had Biden leading Trump, 47%-46%. In that survey, independents favored Biden, 50%-34%, and only 6% of Republicans indicated they would vote for Biden.

Trump’s job performance approval rating was 46/50. Anglos were more than twice as likely to approve than disapprove (67/32) but Hispanic/Latino (18/73) and African-American (2/97) voters were decidedly disapproving. His approval rating among voters aged 18 to 45 was 38/56. He was less underwater among voters aged 46 to 65, and his rating among voters over 65 was 58/39. The poll did not include a question about Biden’s favorability.

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