President Trump leads Democratic challenger Joe Biden, 48%-46%, among respondents “most likely to vote,” according to a new Dallas Morning News/UT-Tyler poll (PDF). Biden leads Trump by a point, 44%-43%, among all registered voters and “likely voters.” Biden led Trump, 48%-43%, in the July DMN/UT-Tyler poll.

Among the “most likely to vote” subset, Trump leads among Anglo voters, 60%-35%, while Biden leads among Black voters, 87%-9%, and Hispanic/Latino voters, 58%-28%. Biden leads Trump by 53 points (75%-22%) among voters aged 18-24 and by 28 points (58%-30%) among voters aged 25-34. They are tied, 47%-47%, among voters aged 35-44. Trump leads Biden by nearly identical 54%-40% and 56%-40% margins among voters aged 45-65 and over 65, respectively.

Trump’s overall job performance rating was 42/38 with a 24/29 rating among those who “strongly” approve or disapprove. Among independents, Trump’s rating is 29/38.

Two out of every five “extremely likely to vote” respondents identified as Republicans, compared to 35% who said they were Democrats and 25% who said neither.

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