A new University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll finds President Trump leading presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 48%-44%.

“Independents,” comprising 12% of respondents, preferred Trump, 41%-27%, with nearly a third undecided. The poll found a 10-point gap between men and women. Men preferred Trump, 53%-41%, while women preferred Biden, 48%-43%. Biden led among Hispanic/Latino voters, 46%-39%.

Trump’s job approval rating was 46/48, with 32% strongly approving and 42% strongly disapproving. “Independents” rated him at 36/50, his worst rating among this group in UT polls since he took office. Men rated his job performance as 52/42, while women rated him 41/53 with 47% disapproving strongly. His approval rating among voters under 30 was 27/63 with 52% disapproving strongly.

Asked about the direction of the country, 62% said the U.S. was on the wrong track, the highest such percentage since President Obama was in office.

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