Several conservative activists have filed suit challenging Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) order extending the early voting period by one week.

“This draconian order is contrary to the Texas spirit and invades the liberties the people of Texas protected in the constitution,” the suit argues. “If the courts allow this invasion of liberty, today’s circumstances will set a precedent for the future, forever weakening the protections Texans sacrificed to protect.”

The suit seeks to have Abbott’s July 27, 2020 order (PDF) and the provisions of Chapter 418, Government Code allowing Abbott to suspend laws declared unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs include Bryan Slaton, the Republican nominee for HD2; former Rep. Rick Green (R-Dripping Springs); the Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams; and Conservative Republicans of Texas’s Steven Hotze, who has filed other legal challenges to Abbott’s actions in recent months.

Withdrawal Deadline: Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline for general election candidates to withdraw (or be declared ineligible) and have their names removed from the ballot.

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