A new Morning Consult poll conducted July 17-26 shows presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading President Trump, 47%-45%, in Texas, which is within the poll’s ±1.9% margin of error. The race has shifted 9 points since late May’s “10-day moving average of vote share among likely voters.” No other information or crosstabs were provided.

In 2016, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did not lead Trump in a single poll in Texas. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has now led Trump in six polls so far, albeit within the margin of error in five of those. Clinton’s highest percentage support in any 2016 poll was 43%, and she was at 40% or lower in more than 80% of polls conducted in the state. So far this year, Biden’s peak has been 48%, and he has been above 40% in every poll in the field during 2020.

Trump will be in Midland and Odessa for campaign and fundraising events tomorrow (Wednesday), his 16th trip to the state since his inauguration.

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