The first part of results from the latest annual Texas Lyceum Poll were released today (Wednesday). We will have more to say about the poll, and its relation to other recent polls and surveys, after complete results are released. In the meantime, we found a few particular results of interest heading into the general election.

One in five poll respondents say they do not vote in any elections. Only 13% of respondents said they were not registered to vote in Texas, so at least some voters are registered but have not voted in any elections “over the past two or three years.” Newly registered voters would of course not have voted in recent elections, but the poll result raises the notion that some voters who register never vote.

Just over half of respondents say they voted in every (26%) or “almost every” (28%) election. Another 11% voted in “about half” of elections, and 15% say they voted in “one or two” elections. These numbers are a bit at odds with recent turnout, measured as percent of registered voters who cast ballots.

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