At a press conference today (Tuesday), Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) expressed anger over business leaders’ and political opposition to election legislation passed by the Senate on a party-line vote last week.

“Senate Bill 7 is about voter security, not about vote suppression,” Patrick said. “I’m tired of the lies and the nest of liars who continue to repeat that.”

Senate Bill 7 by Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) would restrict counties’ efforts to expand access to voting, place new requirements on volunteers assisting and transporting voters, permit the recording of voting and vote counting, and add various new criminal penalties while enhancing others.

Patrick described the bill as enhancing election security, establishing paper backups of ballots cast electronically, making voting rules consistent across the state, strengthening measures meant to prevent and punish voter fraud and ensuring absentee ballots only go to those who are statutorily eligible.

“Americans no longer trust the system,” Patrick said, alluding to views of the 2020 presidential election that have been shaped by unproven allegations of massive voter fraud impacting the results (in other states).

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