Nearly half of Democratic gubernatorial challenger Beto O’Rourke’s record-setting contribution total came from donors outside Texas, according to our cursory analysis of his more than 100,000-page July semiannual report. Texans supplied 52.7% of his contribution total from February 20 through June 30. Donors from California (11.4%), New York (8.6%), Colorado (3.0%) and Massachusetts (2.5%) led out-of-state contributions, which totaled just over $13M.

Six out of every seven dollars contributed to Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) campaign during the period came from Texans. He raised $21.3M from Texas donors, representing 86% of his overall total. California (3.4%), Florida (1.5%) and Oklahoma (1.3%) residents led his out-of-state contributions. Abbott out-raised O’Rourke, $21.3M to $14.5M, among Texans.

O’Rourke’s report itemized more than 508K contributions, about 200K more than Abbott’s report. The massive report was not available online until today (Tues.) as the campaign worked with the Texas Ethics Commission to get the report on its website. According to J.R. Johnson, the agency’s general counsel, the report was submitted on time by the campaign but “the size of the report is pushing the limits of our technology.”

O’Rourke’s campaign previously reported his contribution total, but it had not indicated how much cash the campaign had on hand.

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