The governor’s race (Likely R) is taking the oxygen out of the room, accounting for 65 cents out of every dollar contributed to a state candidate on the November ballot during the most recent fundraising period.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke (D) posted the two biggest single-period fundraising totals in state history for a state race. O’Rourke out-raised Abbott, $27.6M to $24.9M, for the period covered by July semiannual reports. For both candidates, the period ran February 20 through June 30. Because O’Rourke’s report was not yet available online, we are relying on the numbers reported by his campaign on Friday for purposes of this report.

Only one other candidate for state office has ever reported more than $20M in contributions in a single fundraising period. In 2002, Tony Sanchez, the self-funded Democratic challenger facing then Gov. Rick Perry (R), reported $22.2M in contributions in his 30-day-out report before the general election and $20.1M in his January semiannual report filed after the election. However, Sanchez’s contribution total from donors other than himself was miniscule.

According to their respective campaigns, O’Rourke had more than 500K individual contributors, and Abbott had more than 110K.

State candidates’ July semiannual reports were due Friday, and most became available online over the weekend. The reporting period ended June 30 for all candidates, but it began at different times depending on whether a candidate was unopposed in the primary (January 1), opposed in the primary (February 20), opposed in a runoff (May 15) or involved in a special election (varies).

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