House candidates facing primary opposition raised nearly $11M and spent over $13M during the roughly monthlong period covered by their 8-day-out reports. While that’s a fair amount, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) outspent the entire slate of House candidates by himself.

Generally speaking, this cycle is missing some of the big bets, particularly from backers of scorecard conservative groups, that we have observed in recent past cycles. Part of this may be a function of the significant amount of money flowing from those donors to the Don Huffines campaign, but a number of challengers carrying these groups’ endorsements are not seeing the big campaign contributions that historically accompanied them.

Our Crib Sheets have been fully updated to reflect the latest results. Highlights are discussed below.

House Republicans

HD12 (Safe R): Rep. Kyle Kacal (R-College Station) out-raised Ben Bius, $310K to $73K, but they each spent the almost exact same amount: $289K. A third candidate in the race raised and spent less than $3K but could nonetheless tip the race to a runoff.

HD14 (Likely R): Rep. John Raney (R-College Station) out-raised John Harvey Slocum, $238K to $81K, and outspent him, $183K to $139K. Raney has a $108K to $6K advantage in cash on hand (COH). Slocum’s largest contributors for the period were Houston energy executive Jay Graham ($25K) and Partners for a Better Bryan PAC ($21K), the latter of which reported having less than $2K on hand as of December 31. The donors behind that contribution might not be disclosed until July.

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