Rep. Leo Pacheco’s (D-San Antonio) resignation is effective today (Thursday), triggering a special election to fill his unexpired term. With HD10 also vacant, the House now has 148 members, which temporarily lowers the threshold for establishing a quorum to 99.

While not present on the floor at the same time, 99 members checked in today, giving the House its first quorum in six weeks. It remains to be seen whether, and for how long, 99 members will be present on the floor during the rest of this special session, which ends no later than September 5. An adjournment today dissolved the call of the House, for now, and canceled civil arrest warrants signed by Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont).

The HD10 special election is August 31 but could go to a runoff, which would keep the quorum requirement at 99 likely through most, if not all, of a redistricting special session if it convened right after Labor Day weekend. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) could order an expedited special election for HD118, or he could order it to coincide with the November 2 general election. That calculation may depend in part on the possibility that HD118 could once again be won by a Republican in a special election.

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