Early voting: Yesterday (Monday) was the seventh day of the early voting period, which typically beings on a Monday but this year started on a Tuesday. Looking at the 15 counties with the most registered voters, 3.25M voters have cast their ballots so far, representing a 22% increase over 2016 (2.66M) and 29% increase over 2018. Sometime today (Tuesday), the number of early votes cast in those 15 counties should exceed the total number of votes cast by mail at any time and in person during all 12 days of early voting in 2012 (3.44M) and 2008 (3.60M).

Statewide, nearly 4.75M Texans – 28% of registered voters – have already cast ballots in person (86%) or by mail (14%). This total already exceeds the total number of Texans who voted in the 2014 gubernatorial election including on Election Day. We now expect more than 11M Texans will vote in this election.

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Roughly eight out of every nine voters so far have participated in at least one primary or general election since 2012.

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