Susan Wright (R) and Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-Waxahacie) advanced to a runoff out of a 23-candidate field to fill the unexpired term of the late U.S. Rep. Ron Wright (R-Arlington). Wright came in first with 19% of the vote, followed by Ellzey (13.85%), Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez (13.39%), Republican Brian Harrison (10.8%) and Democrat Shawn Lassiter (8.9%).

Sanchez finished 354 votes behind Ellzey. To put that in perspective, the three lowest-finishing Democrats collectively received 625 votes, and six other Democrats received at least 1K votes. Eleven Republican candidates split 62% of the vote, and 10 Democrats combined for 37% of the vote. That split is closer to how the district voted in 2014 than in more recent years:

  • 2020 general: Republicans 53%, Democrats 44%
  • 2018 general: Republicans 53%, Democrats 45%
  • 2016 general: Republicans 58%. Democrats 39%
  • 2014 general: Republicans 61%, Democrats 36%

Democratic candidates combined for 46% of the vote in Tarrant Co. but only 21% in Ellis Co. and 19% in Navarro Co.

Two other candidates received at least 5% of the vote: Republican John Anthony Castro (5.5%) and Democrat Tammy Allison (5.4%)….

Local Elections

As of press time (1 a.m. CT), we believe that all votes have been counted in the races highlighted below (and above). We will revise this report if there are any significant changes.

Dallas: Council incumbents Chad West (52%), Casey Thomas II (82%), Jaime Resendez (52%), Omar Narvaez (56%), Tennell Atkins (74%), Paula Blackmon (63%) and Adam McGough (91%) were re-elected.

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