The filing deadline for a spot on the 2018 primary ballot has passed, but the candidate rosters are not yet finalized. The parties have until December 19 to submit their final certified candidate lists to the Secretary of State. Please see our Crib Sheets for the latest information about primary races.

Correction: We inadvertently left Rep. Lynn Stucky (R-Sanger) off yesterday’s list of incumbents with primary opponents.

Justice Don Willett

Justice Don Willett

SC2: The U.S. Senate confirmed Justice Don Willett’s nomination to the Fifth U.S. Court of Appeals on a 50-47 vote. Willett did not file for re-election. Jimmy Blacklock, Gov. Greg Abbott’s announced choice to succeed Willett, was the only Republican to file for the seat as far as we can tell. A vote to confirm former Solicitor General Jim Ho to the Fifth Circuit is expected later this week.

HD140: Houston attorney Matthew Mendez was declared ineligible by the Harris Co. Democratic Party because the permanent address provided on his application lies outside the district. He had filed to challenge Rep. Armando Walle (D-Houston) in the primary. Walle now has no known opponent.

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