In a letter sent to all legislators, Secretary of State David Whitley apologized for the way his office handled an investigation into non-citizens potentially being registered to vote.

David Whitley


“After close consultation with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the counties and members of the Texas Legislature, I have discovered that additional refining of the data my office provides to county voter registrars, both in substance and in timing, is necessary to ensure a more accurate and efficient [voter] list maintenance process,” Whitley wrote. “Before announcing the number of people who may not be eligible to vote, more time should have been devoted to additional communication with the counties and DPS to further eliminate anyone from our original list who is, in fact, eligible to vote.”

Whitley faced hard questions from senators during his confirmation hearing last week, and Sen. Dawn Buckingham (R-Lake Travis), chair of the Senate Nominations Committee, postponed a vote on his nomination scheduled for today (Thursday).

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