The federal hearing on the Secretary of State’s efforts to identify possible non-citizen voter registrations will continue tomorrow (Wednesday).

During today’s hearing, an attorney representing the state said several county officials – not the state – may have violated the law by sending notices to voters on the list supplied by the Secretary of State without verifying citizenship first. One of those county officials, who mailed notices to registered voters on the day her office received the advisory from the Secretary of State’s office, testified that she believed the list contained “actionable information” and acted accordingly.

An individual voter who is a plaintiff in the case testified that she “felt like a criminal” when she received one of the notices.

U.S. District Judge Fred Biery is not expected to issue a ruling quickly.

Denison: Brian Hander filed for a rematch against council member Rayce Guess. The two tied for second place in the May 2018 special election, and Guess won a coin flip to advance to the runoff.

San Angelo: The city council is expected to cancel the May 4 election there because the three council incumbents on the ballot are unopposed.

Fort Worth ISD: Longtime trustee Christene Moss has withdrawn as a candidate for re-election and endorsed Q Phillips. Moss was first elected in 1990. Two other incumbents – Judy Needham and Ann Sutherland – did not file for re-election.

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