Internal polls released this time of year typically are intended to encourage the base and improve fundraising prospects. Campaigns release them only if they show what the candidates want shown. Today, we briefly look at a pair of such polls, one for the Democratic challenger in SD10 and another conducted for End Citizens United about one of its endorsed candidates.

SD10: The Beverly Powell (D) campaign released an internal poll showing her leading Sen. Konni Burton (R-Colleyville), 46%-42%. Powell’s lead increases to 9 points after positive statements are made about each candidate.

Crosstabs were not provided. The polling memo says Powell leads Burton, 50%-26%, among “independent” voters. According to the methodology, 40% of respondents self-identified as Republicans, 36% as Democrats and 25% as independents.

Chris Perkins, who does polling for Burton, called the poll “fake news” and another more colorful term on Twitter.

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