Tuesday is Election Day.

Early voting ended below the 2018 mark, but daily turnout exceeded the 2018 numbers for the last three days of the early voting period.

Statewide, just under 5.5M Texans voted early in person or by mail through Friday, the end of the early voting period. The final number will rise a bit as mail ballots continue to be accepted. In 2018, the final early voting total was just south of 6M.

In the past three mid-term (gubernatorial) election cycles, about 2.3M Texans have cast ballots on Election Day. If the historical average holds, total turnout will be around 8M, which would fall short of the 8.33M cast in 2018. Our most recent estimate was 8.5M to 9.25M votes cast, so it appears we may be headed for the “under.”

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