CBS News/YouGov 2016 Battleground Tracker poll shows Donald Trump narrowly leading Hillary Clinton, 46%-43%, which is within the margin of error. The minor party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein polled at 5% and 1%. respectively. Just 3% of respondents were undecided.

Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton


Trump leads among men, 46%-40%, and among women, 46%-45%. Men were four times as likely to select Johnson (8% versus 2% of women). Clinton leads among voters under 30 (48%-27%) and between 30 and 44 (47%-39%). Trump leads among voters aged 45 to 64 (54%-40%) and 65 or older (58%-36%).

Trump leads among Anglos, 63%-26%, but Clinton leads among Hispanics/Latinos, 61%-31%, and African-Americans, 84%-6%.

“Independents” favored Trump, 48%-29%, and Johnson received 10% of their support. “Moderates” favored Clinton, 49%-31%. Trump has a huge 81%-6% advantage among “white evangelicals.” Clinton leads among everyone else, 56%-33%. “White evangelicals” comprised about 27% of the sample.

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