Filing for a place on the 2018 primary ballot continues until 6 p.m. local time on Monday. At least 407 people have filed for state and legislative offices we track, and at least 186 have filed for Texas congressional seats. This represents about three quarters of the candidates we have been tracking to date. Historically, more candidates file on the last day of the filing period than any other day.

More candidates have already filed in the 2018 Republican and Democratic primaries for these offices (593) than did in 2016 (509) or 2014 (493). The surge in candidates can be largely attributed to Democrats. At least 272 candidates have filed in the Democratic primary for the offices we track so far for 2018, compared to 208 in 2016 and 181 in 2014. The number of Republican candidates will almost certainly exceed the number running in 2016 and 2014, but it does not top those years yet.

As far as we can tell, only five incumbents have not yet filed for re-election: Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Barbara Hervey; Reps. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston), Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin) and Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City); and State Board of Education member Erika Beltran (D-Dallas).

Please see our Crib Sheets for candidates’ filing status.

With three days to go, it is clear that the state is experiencing a significant increase in partisan competition, at least with respect to the number of seats being contested.

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