A third lawsuit has been filed seeking to overturn Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) order limiting counties to providing a single drop-off location for absentee ballots returned in person. On Friday, the League of Women Voters of Texas, LULAC and others sued in federal court. A day later, The Texas Alliance of Retired Americans also sued in federal court. Today’s (Monday) state suit was filed by the Anti-Defamation League, Common Cause and others. A hearing on the first suit is scheduled for Thursday.

Campaign Finance: State candidates facing general election opposition were required to file their 30-day-out reports today (Monday). They typically become available online overnight, and we will begin analyzing them tomorrow (Tuesday).

SC7 (Lean Republican): The Dallas Morning News endorsed Justice Jeff Boyd (R).

SC8 (Lean Republican): The Dallas Morning News endorsed Justice Brett Busby (R).

HD67 (Toss Up): Rep. Jeff Leach’s (R-Allen) campaign released a new ad, “Hope,” focusing on criminal justice reform.


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