Texas now ranks 5th in turnout out of the six states that have held 2018 primary elections after West Virginia (25.2%), Ohio (19.6%) and Indiana (17.1%) passed Texas (17.0%) on Tuesday. Only North Carolina, which did not have a statewide race on the ballot, has experienced lower turnout (14.3%) than Texas so far this year. Percentages are calculated based on registered voters.

Pre-runoff reports are due tomorrow (Thursday) for federal candidates in primary runoff elections. These cover contributions received and expenditures made between April 1 and May 2. Federal candidates must disclose any contributions received after May 2 in separate 24-hour reports. State and local candidates’ runoff reports are not due until Monday, which is the day early voting begins.

HD64: The Dallas Morning News reiterated its endorsement of Andrew Morris for the Democratic runoff. The paper endorsed him before the primary.

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