Earlier this week we said we would take a look at six recent Texas polls to establish a baseline of support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump among women voters. While we were at it, we also looked at their support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and we also looked at men voters’ views of the candidates.

All of these polls were released prior to Friday’s release of a tape of Trump’s crude comments about women.

The polls all show Trump leading Clinton by 12-16 points among men, and Trump and Clinton are statistically tied among women in all six polls.

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Neither candidate is popular, but there is a distinct pattern across all six polls. Women view Trump less favorably than men by about 10-15 points in every poll, and women view Clinton less unfavorably than men by 10-20 points in every poll. A majority of women view Trump unfavorably in all six polls, but a majority of women also view Clinton unfavorably in five of six polls (49% in the sixth).

Both candidates’ net favorability has improved over time, suggesting some of the voters who said they would vote for another candidate have warmed to their preferred major party’s nominee.

We will be paying close attention to this “gender gap” in any future polls of Texas voters to see if Trump’s remarks cost him support of women voters.