Early voting in person continues across Texas through Friday. Today (Wednesday) was Day Ten. Texas likely set a turnout record today, measured as the number of people voting early in person or by mail in the 15 counties with the most registered voters. We will know by mid-day tomorrow (Thursday).

Reports for today’s turnout indicate yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) rebound is sustaining itself. We begin with highlights from Day Ten.

Harris Co. has already set a record for most early votes cast in a Texas county for a general election. With two days left to vote early in person, almost 790K have voted early in the county. The previous record was 767K, set after the 12th day of early voting in 2012. Harris Co. also set a record for in-person early votes cast. Not quite 701K Harris Co. residents have voted early in person through 10 days, which just eclipses the 2012 total of 700K, set after the 12th day of early voting. Same-day turnout was 26% above the corresponding day in 2012 and 6% above 2008.

Travis Co. has also achieved record early voting turnout. On Wednesday, the number of votes cast in person or by mail passed 300K, eclipsing the 2008 record of 299K, set after the 12th day of early voting.

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