The State Bar of Texas released the results of its 2016 judicial poll. Participating members of the State Bar of Texas choose a preferred candidate for each office regardless of political party.

All incumbents finished in first place for their respective statewide races:

  • SC3: Justice Debra Lehrmann (R) 46%, Mike Westergren (D) 19%, Michael Massengale (R) 16%, Rodolfo Munoz (G) 11%, Kathie Glass (L) 7%, Roberto Koelsch (L) 2%
  • SC5: Justice Paul Green (R) 41%, Dori Contreras Garza (D) 32%, Charles Waterbury (G) 10%, Tom Oxford (L) 8%, Rick Green (R) 8%
  • SC9: Justice Eva Guzman (R) 66%, Savannah Robinson (D) 15%, Joe Pool (R) 8%, Jim Chisholm (G) 7%, Don Fulton (L) 4%
  • CCA2: Judge Larry Meyers (D) 37%, Mary Lou Keel (R) 24%, Ray Wheless (R) 10%, Quanah Parker (L) 9%, Adam Reposa (G) 8%, Chris Oldner (R) 8%, Mark Ash (L) 4%
  • CCA6: Judge Michael Keasler 40%, Robert Burns (D) 27%, Mark Bennett (L) 21%, Richard Davis (R) 12%.

Sid Harle (R) received 27% of the vote for CCA5, five points ahead of Betsy Johnson (D), and well ahead of his other Republican rivals (Scott Walker 16%, Steve Smith 9% and Brent Webster 6%).

The results do not constitute endorsements.