HD125 special: Land Comm. George P. Bush endorsed Fred Rangel for the runoff.

HD145 special: Runoff campaign finance reports were due Monday. They disclose contributions received and expenditures made between January 20 and February 23. Christina Morales out-raised Melissa Noriega, $67K to $42K, and narrowly outspent her, $58K to $56K. Morales holds a $25K to $17K advantage in cash on hand. Noriega added $5K in loans, bringing her total loan principal to $37K. Morales’s loan principal remained at $5K.

Overall, Morales has out-raised Noriega, $123K to $67K, and outspent her, $93K to $86K.

Morales’s top contributors for the period were Houston attorney Roland Garcia ($4K), HillCo PAC ($3K), Plumbers Local Union No. 68 PAC ($2.5K), Houston entertainment businessman Charles Kalas ($2K), Houston pharmaceutical sales specialist Adrian Castillo ($2K) and Texas Medical Assoc. TEXPAC ($2K).

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