SD6 special: Just over 3K people have voted early in person (31%) of by mail (69%) through the first three days of early voting, corresponding to almost 1% of registered voters.

HD135: Jersey Village Mayor Justin Ray established a campaign committee for a potential 2020 challenge of Rep.-elect Jon Rosenthal (D-Houston) as a Republican.

CD18: Houston optometrist Bimal Patel amended his campaign committee for a potential primary challenge of U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston) by changing his party to Democrat from Republican.

Corpus Christi: Council candidate Eric Cantu’s legal fight to kick opponent Roland Barrera off the runoff ballots was denied. Visiting Judge Benjamin Uresti ruled that Barrera’s failure to file a personal financial statement by the September 10 deadline does not make him ineligible as a candidate. Barrera filed the statement on November 16. Early voting begins December 8.

Dallas: Attorney Regina Montoya, a former aide to former President Bill Clinton and a top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, announced she would run for mayor. Montoya lost a 2000 race for CD5 to U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas), 54%-44%.

Palmview: Mayor Rick Villarreal, who was unopposed for election, may not be able to serve because he wasn’t elected. Section 2.051, Election Code permits a city to cancel an election if “each candidate for an office that is to appear on the ballot in that territorial unit is unopposed and no at-large proposition or opposed at-large race is to appear on the ballot.” The city canceled the mayoral election but went ahead with contested council seat elections. Villarreal appears to have needed to receive at least one vote to be elected. A special election could be required to fill the vacancy, but the city will wait on a formal opinion from the Secretary of State before acting.

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