Rep. Borris Miles

Rep. Borris

Rep. Borris Miles (D-Houston) has been selected to replace Sen. Rodney Ellis on the November general election ballot by the Democratic precinct chairs residing in SD13. Miles prevailed, 49-30, over Rep. Senfronia Thompson by a standing division vote. Former Houston City Controller Ron Green received 4 votes, and one precinct chair abstained.

Twelve of the 96 eligible precinct chairs were absent, meaning that 43 votes was enough to send a candidate to the senate for a four-year term. Miles is now unopposed for the SD13 seat. Miles, Thompson, Green and former city council candidate James Joseph each spoke three minutes before the vote.

Two potential test votes never materialized, as the precinct chairs chose a meeting chairman and secretary by acclamation. SD13 district convention chair Nat West, a Miles supporter, was named chair.

Miles was running unopposed for re-election to his House seat, so the 27 or so Democratic precinct chairs from HD146 will have to meet to select a replacement nominee.