Red Brown holds a 4-vote lead over Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) as counties continue to count provisional and overseas ballots, based on information from county elections administrators and the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Simpson was 13 votes ahead of Brown after Election night. Brown took a 14-vote lead after Smith Co. officials approved and concluded their count of 228 provisional ballots. Simpson has since gained 10 votes on Brown, thanks in part to a 9-vote advantage from Harrison Co.’s 29 provisional votes.

Provisional ballots have been counted in eight of the district’s 16 counties, and three other counties have reported that no provisional ballots were cast. Cass, Gregg, Lamar, Morris and Upshur Cos. are expected to complete their examination and count of provisional ballots by the end of the week.¬†Simpson has the advantage in four of the remaining counties, based on their relative performances in early voting and Election Day (Cass +419, Gregg +2,409, Morris +166 and Upshur +1,389). Brown has the advantage in Lamar Co. (+1,970).

Either Brown or Simpson will face Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) in the runoff. Hughes has received 151 of the provisional ballots so far. Brown has received 78 and Simpson has received 61. Mike Lee, who finished fourth in the primary, has received 20 provisional votes so far.

Lee has endorsed Simpson.

A recount is expected to begin shortly after all counties have completed their inspection and count of provisional ballots.