HD28 special: Katy educator Eliz Markowitz, the lone Democrat in the race, came in first with 39% of the vote. She will face Rosenberg real estate investor Gary Gates (28%), who is making his third bid for the seat. Katy attorney Tricia Krenek (18%) came in third, followed by Houston anesthesiologist Anna Allred (9%). The other three Republicans split the remaining 5%.

HD100 special: Lorraine Birabil (D) was a lock for the runoff with 33%, and it appears that James Armstrong III (20.8%) will make the runoff by 5 votes over Daniel Clayton (20.7%). Former Dallas council member Sandra Crenshaw (19.0%) came in fourth. Clayton had a narrow lead over both Armstrong and Crenshaw for most of the night, but Armstrong appears to have advanced.

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