HD28 special: Katy educator Eliz Markowitz, the lone Democrat in the race, came in first with 39% of the vote. She will face Rosenberg real estate investor Gary Gates (28%), who is making his third bid for the seat. Katy attorney Tricia Krenek (18%) came in third, followed by Houston anesthesiologist Anna Allred (9%). The other three Republicans split the remaining 5%.

HD100 special: Lorraine Birabil (D) was a lock for the runoff with 33%, and it appears that James Armstrong III (20.8%) will make the runoff by 5 votes over Daniel Clayton (20.7%). Former Dallas council member Sandra Crenshaw (19.0%) came in fourth. Clayton had a narrow lead over both Armstrong and Crenshaw for most of the night, but Armstrong appears to have advanced.

HD148 special: Democrat Anna Eastman (18%) and Republican Luis La Rotta (17%) led the 15-candidate field when Harris Co. stopped releasing results. They appear headed to the runoff over Republican Ryan McConnico (12%), Democrat Adrian Garcia (12%), Democrat Michele Leal (9%) and Democrat Penny Morales Shaw (8%).

Constitutional Amendments: Nine of the 10 constitutional amendments passed, as voters rejected one for the first time since 2011. Prop 1, a proposal to permit municipal judges to hold more than one office at a time, failed. Prop 10, regarding retired law enforcement dogs, was poised to become the single most popular change to the Texas Constitution in state history with 94% voting in favor.

Houston: As of 2 a.m. CST, the Harris Co. Clerk’s Office indicated there would be no new results until the morning. The following results include all early votes and 23% of vote centers’ Election Day results.

Mayor Sylvester Turner could not win the race outright. He has 47% of the vote and will face Tony Buzbee (30%) in the runoff. Turner’s 2015 runoff opponent Bill King is third with 14%, followed by council member Dwight Boykins (6%).

Council incumbents Martha Castex-Tatum (62%), Robert Gallegos (68%), Dave Martin (77%) and Greg Travis (68%) won outright. At-large incumbent Michael Kubosh was narrowly winning outright with 50.8% of the vote. Incumbents Karla Cisneros (39%), Mike Knox (39%) and David Robinson (39%) were forced into runoffs by “to be determined,” Raj Saljotra (21%) and Willie Davis (29%), respectively.

All of the open seats are going to runoffs:

  • A: Amy Peck (44%) vs. George Zoes (17%)
  • B: Tarsha Jackson (21%) vs. Renee Smith (15%) or Cynthia Bailey (14%)
  • C: Abbie Kamin (31%) vs. “to be determined”
  • D: Carolyn Evans-Shabazz (19%) vs. “to be determined”
  • F: Tiffany Thomas (39%) vs. Van Huynh (24%)
  • J: Edward Pollard (32%) vs. Sandra Rodriguez (26%)
  • AL4: Anthony Dolcefino (23%) vs. likely Leticia Plummer (16%); and
  • AL5: Sallie Alcorn (23%) vs. Eric Dick (22%).

Controller Chris Brown leads former Controller Orlando Sanchez, 53%-47%.

Bryan: Mayor Andrew Nelson won re-election with 70% of the vote, and council members Reuben Marin (64%) and Prentiss Madison (64%) were re-elected.

College Station: Council member Jerome Rektorik lost to challenger John Crompton, 53%-47%.

Converse: Mayor Al Suarez was re-elected with 65% of the vote. It appears that incumbent council member Shawn Russell was defeated by Nancy Droneburg by 6 votes. Richard Wendt appears to have defeated Jeff Beehler for the open P5 seat by 9 votes.

Edinburg: Council member David Torres lost to former police chief David White, 56%-44%. The open P3 seat will be settled in a runoff between Coach Dominguez (35%) and Johnny Garcia (33%).

El Paso: Former council member Cassandra Hernandez came up just short of reclaiming her seat outright with 46% of the vote. She will face Will Veliz (29%) in the runoff. A divided city council determined Hernandez resigned automatically when a Facebook page for a potential mayoral campaign was accidentally published into public view. She was permitted to run in the special election her resignation triggered.

Granbury: Mayor Nin Hulett won re-election, 64%-36%. Eddie Rodriguez defeated Lee Overstreet by 35 votes to win the P2 seat.

Mesquite: Mayor Stan Pickett was losing to challenger Bruce Archer, 52%-48%, with 90% of vote centers reporting.

Midland: Mayor Jerry Morales’s bid for a third term was derailed by challenger Patrick Payton, 52%-32%. Jack Ladd won the D3 seat over Robin Poole by 50 votes. Lori Blong won the open D4 seat with 56% of the vote.

Midland ISD: A $569M bond package appears to have passed by 12 votes. Opponents are expected to request a recount.

Missouri City: All four incumbents won their respective council races.

San Marcos: Maxfield Baker defeated Mark Gleason by 33 votes to win the P1 seat. P2 incumbent Saul Gonzales was re-elected with 60% of the vote.

Weslaco: Mayor David Suarez was re-elected with 72% of the vote.

The Woodlands: Former U.S. Rep. Shelly Sekula-Gibbs (R-The Woodlands) won the open P5 race with a 49% plurality. Council member Ann Snyder was re-elected.

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