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Tomorrow (Tues.) is runoff election day. We’ll have live results and analysis beginning at 7 p.m. CT on our site and Twitter feed.

Statewide runoff turnout stands at 4.4% of registered voters – slightly more than one out of every 25 – as of the end of the early voting period, according to preliminary data reported to the Secretary of State’s office. Just over 750K people have voted early so far, 465K (2.7% of RVs) in the Republican runoff and 291K (1.7%) in the Democratic runoff.

Unlike primaries, which occur across the state in every precinct and at multiple levels of government, runoffs are “lumpy.” Unless there is a statewide office on the runoff ballot, many voters may not live in a county or district with an office on their preferred party’s runoff ballot. Turnout is much easier to determine when there is a statewide race on the ballot – total number of votes cast in that race – than where is not. Absent a statewide runoff, turnout has to be calculated based on county-level race data, which are not always available because the Secretary of State does not collect or publish county office results. Fortunately, statewide offices are on the ballot for both parties this year for the first time since 2016.

Combined turnout already exceeds that election.

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