Yesterday (Monday) was the deadline to file for partisan nomination or independent candidacy for statewide, legislative, congressional and county offices on the 2022 general election ballot. Today (Tuesday) was the deadline to withdraw that application. Our Crib Sheets have the latest known status of more than 1,000 candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional offices. It will take at least a week for all filings to be reported, so expect additional challengers and open-seat candidates will emerge despite being past the deadline.

Republican Targets: The Associated Republicans of Texas released a list of 10 targeted House seats, most of which are in South Texas:

  • HD31 (Likely R) held by Rep. Ryan Guillen (R-Rio Grande City), who recently switched parties
  • HD34 (Likely D) held by Rep. Abel Herrero (D-Robstown)
  • HD35 (Likely D) held by Rep. Oscar Longoria (D-Mission)
  • HD37 open (Lean D), a Cameron Co.-based seat
  • HD41 (Likely D) held by Rep. Bobby Guerra (D-Mission)
  • HD52 open (Lean R), a Williamson Co.-based seat
  • HD65 open (Likely R), a Denton Co.-based seat
  • HD70 open (Toss Up), a Collin Co.-based seat
  • HD74 (Lean D) held by Rep. Eddie Morales (D-Eagle Pass); and
  • HD118 (Toss Up) held by Rep. John Lujan (R-San Antonio), who recently won a special runoff election for the seat for a second time.

Conspicuously absent from the list is HD80 (Toss Up), which is held by Rep. Tracy King (D-Uvalde). In a stunning failure of candidate recruitment, no Republican filed for the seat.

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