Early voting for the June 14 special election for CD34 (Lean R) concludes tomorrow (Fri.).

As of yesterday (Wed.), just over 11K people have voted early in person (81%) or by mail (19%), representing 2.8% of registered voters. Slightly less than three quarters of all voters in the district so far reside in Cameron Co.

Recounts: The Texas Democratic Party approved recount requests from Ruben Ramirez (D) for his 30-vote runoff loss to Michelle Vallejo in CD15 (Toss Up) and from Jessica Cisneros (D) for her 281-vote runoff loss to U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) in CD28 (Lean D). A manual recount of the CD15 runoff is expected to begin on Wednesday. An electronic recount for CD28 is expected to begin later next week.

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