Tonight (Sat.) is runoff Election Day for a number of municipalities and other local governments. We will cover significant races tomorrow (Sun.).

HD60 (Safe R): A recount of votes in Parker and Stephens Cos. confirmed Rep. Glenn Rogers’s (R-Graford) runoff victory over Mike Olcott (R) in those counties. A recount in Palo Pinto Co. has not yet concluded, as far as we can tell, but it is highly unlikely that a 300+ vote error occurred there. Palo Pinto Co. comprised 16% of votes cast in the runoff.

CD15 open (Toss Up): A recount confirmed Michelle Vallejo’s (D) narrow runoff victory over Ruben Ramirez (D). The recount added a net 5 votes to her margin of victory, which now stands at 35 votes.

El Paso: Rep. Art Fierro (D-El Paso) has filed paperwork with the city secretary’s office to challenge D6 council member Claudia Rodriguez in the November general election.

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