Early voting continues across the state. In-person turnout on Day 3 appeared steady, and thus record-setting, in the counties for which we have seen data or heard reports.

Before we get to today’s (Wednesday’s) numbers, let’s look back at Day 2 (Tuesday).

In the 30 counties with the most registered voters, nearly 1.2M early votes have been cast in person or by mail. About 9.7% of registered voters in those counties have already voted. Statewide in 2014, total turnout was 33.7%, including early voting and Election Day. In-person vote totals were slightly ahead of Monday, but the number of mail ballots dropped considerably. All ballots received up to and during Monday were included in Day 1’s totals, so Day 2 is always lower.

The Secretary of State has traditionally tracked the Top 15 counties, so we can only make historical comparisons using that smaller set of data. In the 15 counties with the most registered voters, 974K people have voted early in person or by mail through the first two days of the early voting period. This is not quite 14K fewer than in 2016 and more than two and a half times greater than in 2014.

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