Nearly three quarters of Texas voters approved Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) extension of early voting by one week for last year’s general election, according to a new poll by Republican pollster Chris Perkins (Ragnar Research) conducted for Secure Democracy, an election integrity advocacy group. The additional week was supported by 91% of Democrats, 75% of independents and 58% of Republicans.

Nearly 90% of respondents supported early voting on weekends, 84% supported increasing the number of polling locations, 81% supported providing assistance to voters who need it and 62% said those providing assistance should not face the potential of felony criminal charges. Electronic mail ballot tracking was supported by 83% of respondents, and 88% supported requiring an auditable paper trail for votes cast electronically.

Overall, the poll found that 97% of respondents had a “good experience” with voting in the 2020 general election. Two thirds of respondents said they did not believe significant fraud occurred in that election.

The poll of 1,002 Texans was conducted over landline and mobile numbers and was in the field March 7-9. The poll’s margin of error is ±3%.

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