PRES: A KTVT-TV/Dixie Strategies poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton, 46%-35%, in Texas. Nine percent prefer “another candidate,” and 9% are undecided. Trump leads among men, 49%-34%, and Clinton is within the margin of error among women, trailing Trump 42%-39%. Trump leads among Anglos, 51%-31%. Clinton leads among Hispanics/Latinos, 48%-32%, and among African-Americans, 71%-12%. Trump’s support among African-Americans seems high to us, based on historical African-American voting trends in presidential elections.

Both candidates are each viewed “very unfavorably” by a majority of likely voters. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 60% of voters, which makes him slightly less unpopular than Clinton, who is viewed unfavorably by 66% of voters. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 65% of Hispanics/Latinos and 88% of African-Americans. Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 71% of men.

The poll of 1,018 “likely voters across Texas” (448 self-identified Republicans, 3-5 Democrats and 265 “others”) was conducted by telephone on August 8-9. Its stated margin of error was ±3.1%.

SEN: The previously mentioned KTVT-TV/Dixie Strategies poll found that 61% of 2016 likely voters view U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz unfavorably, and a majority view him “very unfavorably.” A majority of respondents said Cruz’s decision not to endorse Donald Trump made them view him less favorably, including a majority of voters who identified themselves as “very conservative.”

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