Early voting for the May 1 general and special elections begins tomorrow (Monday) and runs through April 27.

UT-Tyler Poll: Two out of every seven registered voters “believe there is widespread voter fraud in Texas,” while a slim majority believe “there is not,” according to a new Dallas Morning News/UT-Tyler poll (PDF). Nearly twice as many Republicans (39%) believe there is widespread voter fraud than independents (20%) or Democrats (21%), and slightly more Republicans believe there is widespread voter fraud (39%) than don’t (36%). More than half of independents and 70% of Democrats do not believe voter fraud is widespread in Texas.

Three out of five respondents supported “the addition of requirements beyond signature verification of absentee ballots … to increase election integrity,” including 84% of Republicans, 52% of independents and 39% of Democrats. No specific additional requirement was polled. A plurality (41%) supported limiting the hours a county could operate early voting locations, including 58% of Republicans, 33% of independents and 30% of Democrats.

The question gaining more attention is a theoretical horse race. Actor Matthew McConaughey, absent a party label or policy positions on nearly every issue, receives more “support” than Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in a theoretical matchup, 45%-33%. Somewhat surprisingly, 30% of Republicans “would vote for” McConaughey, and the actor leads among independents, 44%-28%. Obviously, not much should be read into these “head-to-head” numbers, but it shows at least some level of willingness for voters who supported Abbott in the past to consider someone else.

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