Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by just 6 points in Texas, according to a new poll from Raleigh, N.C.-based Public Policy Polling. Trump leads Clinton, 44%-38%, with Libertarian Gary Johnson receiving 6% of respondents’ support and Green Jill Stein receiving 2%. One out of 10 respondents was undecided. Forced to choose only between Trump and Clinton, respondents preferred Trump, 50%-44%.

Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton


Trump leads Clinton head-to-head among Anglo voters, 69%-25%, and among voters aged 65 and older, 63%-33%. Clinton leads among all other voter groups, including 68%-27% among Hispanics/Latinos, 97%-3% among African-Americans and 43%-41% among women. Voters under 30 prefer Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin.

Forty percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Trump while 53% view him unfavorably, which is slightly better than Clinton’s 36/59. Just one in five Hispanics/Latinos and one in 10 African-Americans have a favorable opinion of Trump.

Self-identified “independent” voters favor Trump, 47%-37%, with 16% undecided. Six percent of each party’s self-identified members prefer the other party’s candidate.

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