State officeholders and legislators were required to file campaign finance reports for the first special session, which concluded August 6. The moratorium on accepting campaign contributions applies only to the regular session. Once the moratorium expires, officeholders can accept contributions even if the Legislature is in special session.

These reports exist outside the typical reporting schedule and serve a narrow purpose of disclosing contributions received during the time the Legislature is in session, which was July 7 through August 6. As a matter of fact, the reports do not provide a total amount raised – just the itemized contributions.

Because these contributions will be included in their January semiannual report, which is the next regular campaign finance report, we do not include this round of reports in our Crib Sheets. For the most part, officeholders and legislators reduce their fundraising activity during the actual special session and typically report low contribution totals or no contributions. There are exceptions.

Of interest were the fundraising performances of the announced Republican candidates for attorney general:

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