Note: This post has been updated since its original publication to correct an error. We overlooked the fact that 2014 Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Kathie Glass also visited all 254 counties during her campaign. We regret the error.

SEN: With a visit to the Historic Santa Fe Train Depot in Gainesville, U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-El Paso) has held at least one campaign event in each of the state’s 254 counties. He is believed to be the first candidate to campaign in every county since Kathie Glass, the 2014 Libertarian nominee for governor, whose achieved the feat in a campaign stop in El Paso Co. John Odam, an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for attorney general, also visited all 254 counties during his 1989-1990 primary campaign. Odam lost the Democratic primary to Dan Morales, 54%-46%.

Mission: Former council member Armando O’Caña ousted 20-year incumbent Mayor Beto Salinas, 51%-49%, in Saturday’s runoff election. Former Gus Martinez defeated former council member Julian Gonzalez, 52%-48%, in the race to succeed O’Caña on the council. Turnout in the runoff was 10% higher than in the May general election, in which Salinas fell just 3 votes short of an outright win. Salinas was first elected in 1998.

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