Rep. René Oliveira (D-Brownsville) was charged with a Class B misdemeanor count of driving while intoxicated after his vehicle struck another car at a stop light Friday night. In a statement, Oliveira apologized for “a mistake in judgment,” adding he was thankful “no one was injured” in the incident.

“I know that my error in judgment has consequences, and I will accept those consequences,” Oliveira said. “I know that I will not be treated any differently than anyone else.”

Oliveira faces Cameron Co. Comm. Alex Dominguez in the Democratic runoff after failing to win a majority of votes in the March primary. Early voting begins May 14.

Just five incumbents of the last 25 incumbent legislators forced into runoffs have prevailed. The most recent incumbent to win a runoff, Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City), did so despite several legal problems, including having his law license suspended while early voting was underway,

Early voting for the May 5 uniform and special elections ends Tuesday. Turnout is generally low to very low, which is typical for local elections.

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