U.S. Rep.-elect Mayra Flores (R-Los Indios) received more than 70% of the vote from non-primary voters, while Democrat Dan Sanchez received less than 25%, according to our analysis of CD34 special election voting rosters. We estimate Flores’s margin among non-primary voters to be north of 3,600 votes, well more than the 2,200-vote margin she had over Sanchez.

Flores won Tuesday’s four-way special election outright over Sanchez, 51%-43%. Democrat Rene Coronado received 4%, followed by Republican Juana Cantu-Cabrera with 2%.

Overall, 73% of CD34 special election voters also participated in the Democratic (40%) or Republican (33%) primary elections in March. Non-primary voters comprised the remaining 27% of the CD34 electorate. Nearly 2,200 more Democratic primary voters than Republican primary voters cast ballots in the CD34 special election. If we assume partisan fidelity among primary voters, then Flores and Cantu-Cabrera received 73.5% of the vote among non-primary voters.

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