A new out-of-state PAC has reserved $10M in statewide advertising time to oppose Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) re-election. According to an FCC filing, issues the Coulda Been Worse PAC’s ads will cover include “AR-15’s everywhere, mass shootings, education system cratering, abortion bans, rising property taxes, border stunt fails [and] power grid mismanagement.” Ads are expected to appear on broadcast outlets as soon as tomorrow (Friday).

Depending on how the PAC is organized and registered, it is possible its donors would not be disclosed until after the election. It is also possible that its donors are entities which do not have to report their donors.

According to a non-candidate advertiser form filed with KHOU-TV in Houston, the PAC is based in Alexandria, Va., with a Michael Waters as executive director. The requesting ad agency is ICON International Inc. out of Greenwich, Conn.

The KHOU buy is for 357 spots between Sept. 9 and Oct. 9 – a $344K expenditure including ad buying firm’s commission. The PAC has reserved at least 267 spots on KSAT-TV – a $229K expenditure.

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